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Drive the world's greatest classic & exotic sports cars at a fraction of the cost and better than rental, available through Curvy Road Fractional Ownership for Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ford GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, or Exotic Car Share Membership for Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Classic Corvette & new Corvette Z51, Camaro Z-28, Mustang Mach 1, GTO  
Exotic Car Share Membership Rental of the World's Greatest Exotic & Classic Sports Cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Mustang Mach 1 exotic sports cars at a fraction of the cost and better than rental, available through Curvy Road Fractional Ownership for Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 360 Spider, Lamborghini Gallardo
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Why No Rental?

Why does Exotic Car Share offer 3-Day Weekends & Full Week Packages?

Why doesn’t Exotic Car Share offer 2-day or even 1-day or hourly exotic car usage?

Why is Exotic Car Share different than car rental?

Why doesn’t Exotic Car Share offer car rental?

Our product is membership usage of expensive and difficult to own exotic and classic vehicles…
Our mission is to provide our members with the only source in the U.S. where they can fully experience their favorite exotic car, without the costs & hassles of ownership.
Our product differs from Car Rental in a number of ways…
Primarily, we put a lot of resource into ensuring that only qualified and responsible drivers join the club and use its vehicles. We also put a lot of time & effort in our vehicle orientation for each member, to ensure that the member gets the most from their experience.

In addition, we provide supplemental insurance, a full tank of gas at our expense, no limit to the mileage the member can put on the car, a loaner video on the history of the car, a guideline booklet on tips to enjoy the car to the fullest, a pre-paid tollway I-pass, a pager number for assistance 24 hours/7 days per week, referral points earned for joining other members, a frequent-driver program, which earns the member free usage time, rain days for bad weather, ability to reserve a specific car for a specific week up to 3 months in advance, a guaranteed show-condition, fully detailed, mechanically sound exotic car…

Plus: Members receive access - - with membership - - to a full collection of rare exotic cars, and even indoor storage for their daily car while using the exotic car of their choice.

Can you think of any other company that offers the level of service that Exotic Car Share provides?


Our Vehicles are rare and costly to maintain. ECS maintains them all in showroom like-new condition

Our membership approach, including full member pre-screening and 1 to 2 hour orientations with each car, ensure proper use and enjoyment of the club’s vehicles by qualified drivers only….

We also include a free tank of gas, as a courtesy, with each car signed out by a member.

2.) These steps that we take for each sign-out are costly and . . . if we only billed for a day each time, we wouldn't be around very long.
Then our members and customers would have nowhere to go to be able to use Ferraris, pristine Muscle Cars, Porsches and Corvettes without buying them.

3.) We put in a fair amount of time and resources to pre-screen each member, to prepare all the information for the particular vehicle, provide the orientation session and the driving familiarity session, detail, and otherwise prepare the vehicle for the usage to ensure the best driving experience possible - - - If all that were to prepare for just a one day “rental”, it could not justify the time & resource involved.

4.) Our mission as a business is to provide our members with the experience of driving the classic & exotic car (s) of their choice as if they fully owned the car. This is enhanced by the orientation process and the minimum driving package length of 3 days. Our members tell us it takes at least a half a day to a day just to get used to a vehicle - - it becomes really enjoyable to drive the car after that.

Our week-long package allows the member to get a feel for what it’s like to actually live with the car - - without the cost of ownership.


About Exotic Car Share

Our Mission

Exotic Car Share is an organization dedicated to cost-effectively providing our members with a fun, unique, rewarding & safe experience and the enjoyment of a variety of exotic, sports, vintage and specialty cars. (Read our full Mission Statement)

Our Company

Exotic Car Share™ is the oldest and largest car share membership club in the U.S. A division of D&V’s Autonook, Inc., Exotic Car Share™ opened its doors to the public on August 20, 2000 – and by doing so launched an entirely new business category in the United States. At that time, no club offered the automobile enthusiast access to a collection of classics or even modern day exotics. By pioneering the car share club concept, Exotic Car Share™ started a business type that has since grown into an industry. Exotic Car Share now exceeds 900 members nationwide. “Me-too” membership clubs have surfaced in cities as varied as New York and San Francisco, often however, with complicated point schemes where the club holds the member’s money.

Exotic Car Share™ doesn’t rent vehicles or sell vehicles – instead it offers a members-only collection of exotic and classic automobiles to pre-qualified members, exclusively for week or 3-day weekend usage.

Our History

Originally founded in 1995 by exotic car share's parent company, D&V’s Auto Nook gave car enthusiasts in the NW Chicago suburbs a local, affordable, clean, secure, temperature and humidity controlled alternative for specialty car storage.

As car enthusiasts themselves with a collection of specialty vehicles & sports cars, were looking for a solution to store the vehicles of their hobby, and decided to start the kind of organization that they would want to be a part of themselves.

D&V’s was sold-out every year, right from the beginning, with customers storing exotic & specialty cars ranging from a Jensen Interceptor III, to a Ferrari 348 Spider. One common situation seemed to be true for almost all the vehicle owners storing their cars at D&V’s. Many of these great cars were only actually being driven a few weeks out of every year…..yet the owners had to pay full insurance, maintenance, storage, and deal with all the other hassles of owning a specialty car.

This seemed to be an even greater issue with the more exotic vehicles, because these vehicles can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain…. and all for a few weeks a year of driving enjoyment. Not to mention that high performance cars are happier when being driven regularly.

So, why not expand the organization into a membership club that did more than store exotic cars for customers? Why not also buy and maintain a variety of vehicles that members of the organization could sign out, like books from a library? Except a little more exciting.

An associate of the founder and an owner of an Audi A4 & BMW M3, Max, had experienced some Ferraris in action on his honeymoon in Italy. Discussions of sharing the purchase of a Ferrari with a couple of other enthusiasts, to spread out the enormous cost, led to a merging of ideas and the establishment of exotic car share.

Continuing the successful launch of Curvy Road and expansion of Exotic Car Share, this ad appeared in the May 2006 issue of Robb Report. (Click image for larger view)

Exotic Car Share started the car share club business for the first time in the U.S. in August of 2000, and since then over a dozen clubs have emerged - - most with complicated point schemes and upfront money required for points that often are never used by the customers of those clubs. Exotic Car Share is set up on a pay as you drive basis to ensure that members get the full benefit of their money.

Comprised of over a dozen vehicles, the car club’s collection includes a couple of Ferrari 355 Spiders, a Mercedes Benz 500 SL Convertible Hardtop, a Dodge Viper GTS, a classic Mustang Mach 1, an Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Spider, a Fiat 124 Spider, and a Corvette Z-51 convertible.

Members pay a 5-year membership fee and can then sign out any of the club’s vehicles for three-day weekends & weeks for a single usage fee. This usage fee covers everything, including taxes, storage, extra insurance, unlimited mileage on most vehicles, and maintenance.

Our new location in Palatine is ideally located, just 1/3 mile West of Rt. 53, on Northwest Highway. This location offers members a library of information on each of the cars in the fleet, including historical videos and books on each marquee. The exotic car share multi-building campus is a comfortable setting with an art gallery feel, reading chairs, a TV for video viewing, a pool table, juice bar and a chance to interact with other car enthusiasts.

The company's innovative history continues with the launching of a new division, Curvy Road® to offer fractional ownership of exotic and high-end luxury automobiles. Positioned as an alternative to ownership, shareholders can own driving rights to a portion of a great vehicle they'd like to drive throughout the year without the high costs and hassles associated with outright purchase.

With an established, growing membership, Exotic Car Share™ provided the experience and the infrastructure to rapidly deploy fractional ownership vehicles to various locations to meet the needs of Curvy Road® shareholders. Curvy Road® was ultimately a response to what many automobile enthusiasts were requesting. Time ownership of exotic and high-end luxury cars fills a large void in today's automotive world, and is the one way to experience multiple great world-class cars for a fraction of the cost.

Headquartered at the Exotic Car Share campus in Palatine, Illinois, Curvy Road® also has shared-locations in Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; and Albuquerque, NM to serve the needs of shareholders nationwide. Expansion plans continue in order to respond to the increasing demand.

The Exotic Car Share team is made up of a passionate crew of specialists who share a common goal: offering a fun, unique, rewarding and safe experience to members who appreciate fine automobiles.

The only way a club such as this can work is if the members and shareholders all appreciate the cars for what they are and treat them with care and respect for the other club members and shareholders who’ll be using the car in a couple of weeks.

As a result, Exotic Car Share asks members to submit to a rigorous screening process. This process includes an abstract of their driver's record, a credit report, a fingerprint record and an address verification. Curvy Road shareholders also must qualify under similar requirements.

The rigorous screening process protects the interest and investment of each member and shareholder. Also, to ensure a good match between car & driver, a 60 minute orientation and driving familiarity session is conducted, which helps enhance the ownership experience and minimize problems due to unfamiliarity or a bad match between member and vehicle.

Now in our tenth year, and with over 1,100 members, all involved in Exotic Car Share are committed to maximizing the enjoyment of the experience for our members and shareholders. As the membership club and fractional ownership division expand, plans call to increase the size of the membership fleet to offer an even greater variety and more choices for fractional ownership.

A member feedback committee and an interactive website help the staff stay in touch with the critical input that the club’s members and shareholders provide.

Visit the exotic car share campus in Palatine and find out (just how great it can be to cruise around in the car you’ve wanted to drive for years). Just ask any of the 900+ Exotic Car Share™ members who’ve experienced it for themselves!

Mission Statement

  • To provide our members with the unique experience & thrill of exotic and classic car ownership, cost-effectively, through fractional ownership and through Exotic Car Share membership.
  • Furthermore to ensure that the member environment and all vehicles in our fleet are in excellent condition for all members so their experience exceeds their expectations.
  • To promote the awareness & understanding of the new concept of fractional ownership of exotic cars, and to expand the reach of our service to the widest possible consumer and corporate markets.
  • To lead the industry by example, by exhibiting creativity and extreme customer service and by operating with integrity and honesty in every aspect of our business.
  • Equally, to show respect for each other and for ourselves, as well as for our members, prospective members, vendors and third parties,
  • To actively support the community,
  • Also, to expect honesty, and respect for the world-class vehicles in our fleet, from all members and from all employees and service vendors, as well as from ourselves.

    ... Our success in achieving these goals will help ensure the satisfaction of all our members and the success and growth of our organization, Exotic Car Share ...

To use our success to contribute to our employees’ growth and to the improvement of the community we operate in, as well as, ultimately, to the betterment of our society at large.