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 Drive the World's Greatest Exotic & Classic Cars for a Week or Weekend: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Classic Corvette, Camaro Z-28, Mustang Mach 1, GTO at Classic Car Share
Classic Car Share Membership Rental of the World's Greatest Exotic & Classic Cars for a Week or Weekend: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Classic Corvette, Camaro Z-28, Mustang Mach 1, GTO   Curvy Road Fractional Ownership
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9th Anniversary
Thank-You Offer
Super Reservation
Discount Package

To celebrate our 9th Anniversary, and to thank our Members for helping us become the premiere car share club in the country, we are offering a Limited Edition Reservation Package of 3 Weeks plus One Weekend Usage of the exotic vehicles of your choice (including one usage of a Ferrari).

The package includes your own Exclusive Private Catered Party for 15 at Exotic Car Share featuring appetizers, refreshments and preview drives!

To reserve call 847-358-7522

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