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 Members time share vs. rent exotic and classic sports cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Classic Corvette, Mustang Mach 1, at Exotic Car Share
Exotic Car Share Membership Rental of the World's Greatest Exotic & Classic Sports Cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Mustang Mach 1   exotic sports cars at a fraction of the cost and better than rental, available through Curvy Road Fractional Ownership for Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 360 Spider, Lamborghini Gallardo
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Is Exotic Car Share an exotic car rental company?

No. Exotic Car Share is more unique & provides a more complete experience than renting or other schemes like point-based clubs that require big upfront investments with no guarantee the vehicle you're interested in will be available when you want it.

Our members have access to a collection of well maintained, mint condition, exotic, classic and rare cars- - -for Week or Weekend use, and can be reserved up to three months in advance! We provide a one-hour orientation of the vehicle, so that the member is truly familiar with the car, all its features, all its nuances, and all its risks. Our mission is to enable members of Exotic Car Share to truly experience the exotic cars of their choice to their fullest, if the member owned the vehicle themselves full time.

None of this lends itself to a quick one day usage or to a rental approach. Our experience has shown that when a member really gets to know a specific car, the end result is a more enjoyable experience for the member as well as a better maintained car for the rest of the membership to enjoy. As a result, the shortest sign-out period for members to drive vehicles from the Exotic Car Share Collection is a three-day weekend.

In addition to weekend and week-long exotic car usage, we offer a unique alternative to buying and maintaining an expensive and finicky exotic: fractional ownership. This allows a one-fifth shareholder to drive a super car like the Bentley Continental GT or Ferrari 360 Spider for 8 weeks per year for a fraction of the cost of full ownership. See our time ownership/fractional ownership pages at our sister company, Curvy Road.

2.) How does membership work?

For $250, your 5 year membership entitles you (and a family member) to reserve and drive any of the cars in the Exotic Car Share collection for weeks or weekends.
Membership Includes:

  • All Vehicle Sign-outs provide a 500 mile allowance per usage, to be used within the four state area of IL, IN, MI, WI.
  • Supplemental insurance is covered - no insurance to purchase
  • Full Tank of fuel, courtesy of Exotic Car Share, you can bring the vehicle back empty
  • One-hour orientation per vehicle to familiarize the member(s) with all the details of that car
  • 2 to 4 page guideline booklet
  • 24-hour pager # for roadside assistance during your exotic-car week or weekend experience
  • Loaner video on the marquee and car history of the vehicle you'll be using
  • Free inside storage of your regular-car during your week or weekend exotic car experience
  • Ability to earn points toward future exotic car usage
  • Full collection of over a dozen exotic and rare classic cars, many not available for occasional use anywhere
  • Guarantee that our vehicles are only in the best condition

Our thorough member screening, which is completed upfront, ensures that only responsible members with a reasonable driving history and an interest in classic/exotic cars are using the vehicles in the collection. This helps increase the likelihood that when you want to sign out a specific car, it'll be in perfect shape for your week or weekend.

Once you've scheduled an automobile, we'll begin to prepare the vehicle for your week or weekend. When you come in to pick up your car, we'll have your guideline booklet created, as well as videos on the history of the car and the marquee, which we'll lend to you for the time period that you have the car. You may leave your own vehicle at Exotic Car Share if you like and we'll store it for you at no charge, generally indoors - if requested. We can detail your daily car while you use the classic, if you wish.

We'll provide you with a one-hour orientation with your exotic or classic car, provide you with an emergency tool kit, owners manual, guidelines for use of the car, and any special additives the car requires, such as lead substitute on pre-'74 vehicles....all in a canvas accessory bag on loan to you for the duration of your exotic car adventure. The guidelines booklet and the experience are yours to keep.

3.) How does the insurance work? and Will I have to buy additional insurance?

The member need only show proof of insurance (their regular existing policy) at the time of vehicle sign-out, and that insurance is considered primary. When the member's insurance protection has reached its limits, our umbrella insurance policy kicks in. Our umbrella policy fills the gap between our member's insurance and any claims----and is included in your Exotic Car Share vehicle usage fees.

There are no hidden insurance fees or additional policies that the member needs to buy. The exception would be if your insurance policy were for some reason not transferable. Most are.

4.) What happens in the case of a huge mechanical failure or a collision with the car?

Contact our 24 hour toll-free number and give us a number to reach you. We'll send someone out to where you're at immediately (assuming you're within a 60 mile radius). At that point we'll provide you with a reasonable replacement vehicle (ie: from the same class of car, if possible), and rescue the car to take it in for repairs.

5.) How are the cars maintained?

At Exotic Car Share we maintain each car following each member usage. This includes detailing and any mechanical adjustments necessary, as well as topping off or replacing fluids, tire pressure, and confirming ignition settings. We use reputable service firms such as Ed's Automotive in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Expert-Auto in Palatine, Illinois, Carnica for any necessary paint touch up work, and numerous other reputable service firms.

Our goal is your long-term satisfaction with Exotic Car Share membership, and we will do everything possible to see that you get the maximum enjoyment from your Exotic Car Share experience.

6.) Is there a guarantee that the car I reserve will be available for the week or weekend that I reserved?

We virtually never fail to have a vehicle ready for signing out at the time requested by a member. Should the unfortunate scenario occur that a car is not in perfect condition and ready in time for your reservation, we will offer you a same-value or higher-value exotic in exchange, or if you prefer -- a rescheduled date, or a refund of any & all deposits or usage-fees that you paid in advance.

To hold a reservation, we ask each member for a deposit of 50% of the total usage cost. In the event you need to cancel your reservation, just give us a call. If it's more than 3 days from the reservation date, we'll make every effort to accommodate.

Because we guarantee your reservation, if it's necessary for you to cancel 3 days or less prior to your usage, we'll charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the total usage cost. If you need to cancel 24 hours before your usage, we'll charge a cancellation fee of 75% of the total usage cost. For Award Winners, Raffle Winners & Charity Benefit Reservations, cancellations within three-days of the reservation will be assessed a rescheduling fee.

If your week or weekend has predominantly had very poor or severe weather, depending on the circumstances, we'll provide you with a rain check certificate worth an extra day on a future reservation.

We began this policy over seven years ago, and are happy to do it as a way of ensuring that all members' experiences at Exotic Car Share are positive ones.

7.) What happens if I'm stopped by the police-- they'll ask for an insurance card and proof of ownership, won't they?

Yes, and you'll have both in the glove-box. The insurance card for the Exotic Car Share umbrella insurance policy is laminated and placed in the glove compartment.

The Exotic Car Share member sign-out agreement functions like a car rental contract and proves that you temporarily own the vehicle.

Most of the time, if a police officer stops one of the e.c.s. vehicles, it's to take a closer look at a car that they rarely get a chance to see. And, of course, driving safely is the best way to avoid any issues.

8.) Eventhough ECS doesn't offer rental, how do Exotic Car Share's usage fees compare to exotic car rental rates?

Chicago isn't exactly hopping with exotic car rental places, and generally, our fees are a bit lower than what exotic car rental companies charge to use vehicles similar to the ones in the ECS member collection in cities like Boston, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami.

The big difference is that since we don't rent vehicles we don't charge add-ons like fuel at exorbitant prices for refueling, and we don't charge for extra insurance policies that can add up to some significant coin, especially for exotic and classic vehicles.

In addition, we provide a full tank of gas, courtesy of Exotic Car Share... return the car full or return the car empty---it doesn't matter. Also, supplemental insurance is included in the usage fees and is automatic. No surprises.

9.) Can I drive out of state or long distance?

Sure- we prefer the vehicle be used for highway driving. Not only is the enjoyment of an exotic car best out on the open road, but also cars last longer on the open road than when subjected to city traffic, stop & go driving, potholes and the like. We'll need to add a flat-fee for usage beyond the Midwest, depending on the circumstances. Within the Midwest (Chicago land & immediate surrounding states) we provide a 500 mile allowance per usage. We simply ask that you let us know (just a voice mail message will do) if your plans take you more than 60 miles outside our area (a map, with a marked 60 mile radius, is included in the member guidebook).

Each car is equipped with both a Lojak car locator system and a GPS unit that warns us, on-line, if the vehicle travels outside the pre-set area or is tampered with. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that in case of theft, the car will be located and recovered quickly.

10.) Can I valet park the car? and Must I garage the car at night?

We ask that, if possible, you garage the car at night, and if you must valet park, give the valet an extra tip in advance to let you park it yourself right in'll make their establishment look more exotic, it will probably increase their business, and it'll also ensure that they keep an eye on your car all night.

11.) I understand that exotic car share also offers fractional ownership/time ownership of some exotic cars. Why would I buy a fractional ownership share rather than buying an exotic outright? If I buy an exotic car outright I'll have the pride of ownership and I can drive the car any time I want?

The upfront purchase price of an exotic can be quite large and that's only a small part of the cost of ownership of an exotic car. Luxury taxes, upkeep, standard maintenance, repairs, storage, extra insurance, depreciation, the cost of money on the upfront cash outlay, and all the licensing and tag fees add up to a much greater cost than many people think.

On the other hand, when you invest in a fractional ownership share through our sister company Curvy Road, you own the rights to a portion of the exotic car of your choice without all the extreme, ongoing costs.

Many exotic car owners actually own multiple cars. Which means that feasibly they can only drive each car for a limited time each year. So, why pay for a full car when you're realistically only going to be able to drive it a portion of the time?? ----all the while watching the car depreciate in value and continue to require repairs and maintenance.

Fractional ownership makes financial sense for many, gives you much greater flexibility, and increases your enjoyment of the cars you've wanted to drive for years but can't justify purchasing outright. Many people have taken advantage of fractional ownership of jets, yachts & condos to their advantage. Now through our sister division, Curvy Road, exotic car fractional ownerships are starting to change the landscape.

We can help you learn more about the benefits of fractional ownership, the process and how it can individually work for you. Click Here for information from our sister division, Curvy Road.

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