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 Members time share vs. rent exotic and classic sports cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Classic Corvette, Mustang Mach 1, at Exotic Car Share
Exotic Car Share Membership Rental of the World's Greatest Exotic & Classic Sports Cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Mustang Mach 1   exotic sports cars at a fraction of the cost and better than rental, available through Curvy Road Fractional Ownership for Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 360 Spider, Lamborghini Gallardo
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Sales Awards Programs

The perfect Corporate Reward, Sales Award or Gift
for your Best Employees or Clients

Bundled Multiple-Award Corporate Packages




3 Exotic Car Weekend Awards

From the Titanium Collection


4 Exotic Car Weekend Awards 

One from each collection:

Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Iron


10 Exotic Car Weekend Awards

4- from the Titanium Collection
2- from the Platinum Collection
2- from the Gold Collection
2- from the Iron Collection


Award weekend packages of a specific vehicle from the exotic car collections

Award your entire staff using exotic car share  points for meeting sales goals

For a customized program, purchase a gift certificate using the points system. The recipient redeems the gift certificate for the vehicle and for the weekend they choose. They also receive the gift package for the exotic car they selected. 

Points can be purchased at $10 per point, plus $250 per recipient, based on the following chart.  Award Packages can then be constructed to suit your needs.

The Titanium Collection

The Platinum Collection

The Gold Collection

The Iron Collection

150 Points

120 Points

100 Points

60 Points

Weekend awards include:

  • A weekend of an exotic car
  • Membership in Exotic Car Share
  • An attractive gift box which contains:
    • A special car marquee key FOB
    • 8 X 10 photo booklet of the specific car
    • Attractive map portfolio with area weekend getaway guides
    • A gift certificate to redeem for their award weekend

For more information on developing a Sales Award Program, please call us at 847-358-7522
Reserve (don’t rent or buy) one of the World's Greatest Exotic & Classic Cars for a Week or Weekend: Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Mustang Mach 1 at Exotic Car Share

Exotic Car Gift Package for surprising a loved one, 
                    used for a weekend getaways, special event, the most unique, 
                    exciting and unforgettable present ever for anyone who loves exotic and classic automobiles, 
                   The Ultimate GiftGive the Ultimate Gift:
An Exotic or Classic Car for a Weekend!
Call 847-358-7522 for Gift Packages Details

The Ultimate Wedding Ride
Special gift box, model car and American Express gift certificate included.
Click for Details

Create a sales award
We’ll help you craft the ultimate reward – a week or weekend use of any one of the exotic automobiles in the Classic Car Collection.
Learn more…
Corporate Affiliate Programs
You may be eligible for a 50% discount on Exotic Car Share membership if you are an employee of CDW, Motorola, Northrop Grumman, Peoplesoft, Siemens Medical or Webber Stephens.
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